Additional Account Request Form

Please print this form, sign, and return to one of the following:

  • Fax to (601) 208-2165
  • your nearest Trustmark Branch
Trustmark Bank

Company and Account Information

Depository Accounts:

Loan Accounts:

Credit Card Accounts:


By signing below, each Company listed on the Additional Account Request Form (the “Request Form”) represents and warrants that:

  • 1.
    Each additional Company listed on the Request Form is an entity in which the Company that owns and maintains the Primary Account listed on the Business Online Banking Enrollment Form (the “Enrollment Form”) or its Parent (as defined in the myTrustmarkTM Agreement) has direct or indirect majority ownership interest;
  • 2.
    Each Company maintains one or more depository accounts, loan accounts or credit card accounts with Trustmark (each, a “Related Entity” as defined in the myTrustmarkTM Agreement);
  • 3.
    The person executing the Request Form on behalf of the Company is an Authorized Customer Representative for each Related Entity or that the Related Entity has granted the person executing the Request Form authority to execute the Request Form on behalf of the Related Entity;
  • 4.
    The person executing the Request Form is authorized by Company and each Related Entity to designate the multiple company access via business online banking;
  • 5.
    The execution of the Request Form by such person constitutes the execution of the Enrollment Form and the Business Online Banking Resolutions and Certifications accompanying the Enrollment Form, both on behalf the Company and each such Related Entity, for the purpose of granting authority for such person to perform transactions under the myTrusmarkTM Agreement;
  • 6.
    All actions by such person on behalf of the Company or a Related Entity constitute the duly authorized action of the Company and/or such Related Entity, as applicable;
  • 7.
    No depository account, loan account or credit card account included for common access is restricted from such common access by any provisions of Company’s charter, bylaws, or similar documents or any applicable laws or existing resolution, declaration or agreement with Trustmark and the online banking services and products have been duly and legally authorized by Company and each Related Entity; and
  • 8.
    Each Related Entity is deemed to be a party to this Request Form, the Enrollment Form and the Business Online Banking Resolutions and Certifications.

The individual signing below must be an Authorized Customer Representative on the Primary Account identified on the Enrollment Form.

  • 1.
    Company has read the Business Online Banking ("Agreement") and Trustmark's Electronic Delivery Notice ("E-Delivery Notice") and the Multiple Party Account Access Agreement ("Access Agreement");
  • 2.
    Company has agreed to the terms and conditions of Agreement, E-Delivery Notice, and Access Agreement;
  • 3.
    Company authorized the Business Online Banking enrollment form to be completed as the form is completed above;
  • 4.
    The individual signing below for Company has all requisite authority to sign on behalf of Company and is so authorized by Company's Resolution; and
Signature of Authorized Customer Representative
(As designated on Certificate of Resolutions: Multiple Party Account Access Agreement)
Name Typed